sonnenblumeI support companies in dealing with and answering the question:
How can we simultaneously embrace being economically successful, contributing to the conservation of our natural resources
 and being socially responsible? 

Let us not kid ourselves: It is easier said than done.

These three aspects of economic success, resource conservation and social responsibility are a rare constellation. In actual fact, there is often a conflict of interests - and when push comes to shove, it is a case of “A hungry man has no conscience” , a loose translation of Bert Brecht's, “Zuerst kommt  das Fressen und dann die Moral”.

However: When

  • a company decides to be a sustainable company,
  • the structural conflict among the three aspects of sustainability is publicly    aired,
  • sustainability as a corporate principle is anchored in the strategic orientation, production planning or preferably in the establishment of a new company, then innovation is a sure-fire thing and sustainability becomes a competitive advantage.

Sustainability is no longer a tedious add-on with the charm of a quality assurance process. More, it is a part of the business model and a driver for innovation.