Target"Classic" corporate strategies quickly reach the limits of their believability and effectiveness when the surrounding world (markets, political parameters etc.) alters the organisation. And that happens constantly. But how should we regard these changes when the Balanced Scorecard for the current fiscal year has already been agreed upon?

Systemic Strategy Development  is primarily a process. It involves the continuous monitoring of how well the strategic objectives fit the changes in the market.

Due to the nature of the process, in my consulting services to develop strategies and target objectives, I am concerned with the “how” almost as often as with the “what”.

How do we achieve mutual understandings of

BowjectivesHow important careful aim is for the achievement of a objective, can be demonstrated most impressively in the sport of archery.

For this reason, in addition to the “classic” consulting setting - see ""- I also offer strategy workshops in which we use archery as a metaphor for the process of achieving objectives. This service is suitable for management teams, project teams and departments.

In a similar way individuals in a one-to-one consultation setting can come to terms with their own career and life objectives.