Beraterprofil Dr. Juergen Bonath

Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psychologe.

Freelance Consultant, Coach and Lecturer (FH Ludwigshafen)
, born 1964
Key Activities :

Strategy Development, Personnel Development & HR Management, Organisational Development, Sustainability Management, Executive Development, Individual and Team Coaching, Life and Career Counselling, Conflict Management.

Germany +49 171 6179634, 

Uhlandstr. 18, D-68167 Mannheim

Austria +43 699 17117618 



CV in short:



Psychology studies, Würzburg and Heidelberg


Director of an autonomous Youth Centre, O4,8, Friedrich Dürr


Degree in Psychology


Research and Teaching in Social Psychology at the Universities of Dresden, Osnabrück and Münster.


PhD from the University of Münster. Thesis: “Social Discrimination Dependent on Implicit Theories Regarding Nature and Nurture"


Consultant & Division Manager for Industry at the Psychological Corporate Consulting Company, Baer & Partner


Founded Pro&Pro – Psychological Business Consulting


Head of Personnel Development, ALSTOM Power Generation, Mannheim


Global Director of HR for ALSTOM Power Systems, Mannheim.



Additional  Qualifications:
Systemic Consultant and Therapist (IGST)
Mediation (Heidelberg Institute for Mediation)
Graduate of “The Changing of Consulting”- „Beratung im Wandel“- (Management Centre in Witten),
 Directors: Fritz B. Simon, Rudi Wimmer, Dirk Baecker

Core Themes:
Strategy, Leadership, Administration, Management

- Strategy Development & Sustainable Management

- Systemic Organisational Development 

- Leadership in the Company and in Matrix Organisations 

- Conflict Management as a Leadership Task 

- From Employee to Executive 

- The Role of objectives in the Strategy, Planning and Management Process

HR Management
- Systemic Personnel Development
- Transformation  /Transition / Rites of Passage Management
- International/ Intercultural HRM

- Retention Management

- HR Organisation

Family Business
- Leadership and Personnel Development in Family Businesses
- The Separate Entities of Family and Business in the Family Business

Core Methodologies

- Intensive systemic contract clarification coupled with discreet curiosity
- Workshops with executives, CEOs
- Workshops with PD/OD and HR departments
- Individual and team coaching 
(e.g. also „Coaching in the first hundred days as an executive“)
- Case discussions / Supervision
- Archery as a metaphor for objective planning and achievement
- Training near the job / facing the challenge at hand




2006-2009 Global verantwortlicher HR Direktor bei ALSTOM Power Systems, Mannheim.
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